[Kolla] Queens for debian images

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at linaro.org
Tue Jan 8 11:00:48 UTC 2019

W dniu 08.01.2019 o 11:08, Jan Vondra pisze:
> Dear Kolla team,
> during project for one of our customers we have upgraded debian part
> of kolla project using a queens debian repositories
> (http://stretch-queens.debian.net/debian stretch-queens-backports) and
> we would like to share this work with community.

Thanks for doing that. Is there an option to provide arm64 packages next

> I would like to ask what's the proper process of contributing since
> the patches affects both kolla and kolla-ansible repositories.

Send patches for review [1] and then we can discuss about changing them.
Remember that we target Stein now.

1. https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/How_To_Contribute#Reviewing

> Also any other comments regarding debian in kolla would be appriciated.

Love to see someone else caring about Debian in Kolla. I took it over
two years ago, revived and moved to 'stretch'. But skipped support for
binary packages as there were no up-to-date packages available.

In next 2-4 months I plan to migrate Kolla 'master' to Debian 'buster'
as it will enter final freeze. Had some discussion with Debian OpenStack
team about providing preliminary Stein packages so support for 'binary'
type of images could be possible.

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