Review-Priority for Project Repos

Jay Bryant jungleboyj at
Fri Jan 4 00:26:04 UTC 2019

> With Cinder this is fairly new, but I think it is working well so far. The
> oddity we've run into, that I think you're referring to here, is how those
> votes carry forward with updates.


It is unfortunate that we can't get +1's to carry forward but I don't 
think this negates the value of having the priorities.  I have been 
using our review dashboard quite a bit lately and plan to set up 
processes that involve it as we move forward to using/documenting 
Storyboard for Cinder.


> So far, that's just a slight inconvenience. It would be great if we can figure
> out a way to have them all be sticky, but if we need to live with reapplying +1
> votes, that's manageable to me.


  Is there someway that we could allow the owner to reset this priority 
after pushing up a new patch.  That would lower the dependence on the 
cores in that case.

> Anyway, my 2 cents. I can imagine this would work really well for some teams,
> less well for others. So if you think it can help you manage your project
> priorities, I would recommend giving it a shot and seeing how it goes. You can
> always drop it if it ends up not being effective or causing issues.
> Sean

As usual, the biggest problem I am seeing is getting enough people to do 
the reviews and really set up all the priorities appropriately.  There 
are just a couple of us doing it right now. I am hoping to see more 
participation in the coming months to make the output more beneficial 
for all.

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