[nova] Persistent memory resource tracking model

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 13:31:51 UTC 2019

On 01/02/2019 11:08 PM, Alex Xu wrote:
> Jay Pipes <jaypipes at gmail.com <mailto:jaypipes at gmail.com>> 于2019年1月2 
> 日周三 下午10:48写道:
>     On 12/21/2018 03:45 AM, Rui Zang wrote:
>      > It was advised in today's nova team meeting to bring this up by
>     email.
>      >
>      > There has been some discussion on the how to track persistent memory
>      > resource in placement on the spec review [1].
>      >
>      > Background: persistent memory (PMEM) needs to be partitioned to
>      > namespaces to be consumed by VMs. Due to fragmentation issues,
>     the spec
>      > proposed to use fixed sized PMEM namespaces.
>     The spec proposed to use fixed sized namespaces that is controllable by
>     the deployer, not fixed-size-for-everyone :) Just want to make sure
>     we're being clear here.
>      > The spec proposed way to represent PMEM namespaces is to use one
>      > Resource Provider (RP) for one PMEM namespace. An new standard
>     Resource
>      > Class (RC) -- 'VPMEM_GB` is introduced to classify PMEM namspace
>     RPs.
>      > For each PMEM namespace RP, the values for 'max_unit', 'min_unit',
>      > 'total' and 'step_size` are all set to the size of the PMEM
>     namespace.
>      > In this way, it is guaranteed each RP will be consumed as a whole
>     at one
>      > time.
>       >
>      > An alternative was brought out in the review. Different Custom
>     Resource
>      > Classes ( CUSTOM_PMEM_XXXGB) can be used to designate PMEM
>     namespaces of
>      > different sizes. The size of the PMEM namespace is encoded in the
>     name
>      > of the custom Resource Class. And multiple PMEM namespaces of the
>     same
>      > size  (say 128G) can be represented by one RP of the same
>     Not represented by "one RP of the same CUSTOM_PMEM_128G". There
>     would be
>     only one resource provider: the compute node itself. It would have an
>     inventory of, say, 8 CUSTOM_PMEM_128G resources.
>      > CUSTOM_PMEM_128G. In this way, the RP could have 'max_unit'  and
>     'total'
>      > as the total number of the PMEM namespaces of the certain size.
>     And the
>      > values of 'min_unit' and 'step_size' could set to 1.
>     No, the max_unit, min_unit, step_size and total would refer to the
>     number of *PMEM namespaces*, not the amount of GB of memory represented
>     by those namespaces.
>     Therefore, min_unit and step_size would be 1, max_unit would be the
>     total number of *namespaces* that could simultaneously be attached to a
>     single consumer (VM), and total would be 8 in our example where the
>     compute node had 8 of these pre-defined 128G PMEM namespaces.
>      > We believe both way could work. We would like to have a community
>      > consensus on which way to use.
>      > Email replies and review comments to the spec [1] are both welcomed.
>     Custom resource classes were invented for precisely this kind of use
>     case. The resource being represented is a namespace. The resource is
>     not
>     "a Gibibyte of persistent memory".
> The point of the initial design is avoid to encode the `size` in the 
> resource class name. If that is ok for you(I remember people hate to 
> encode size and number into the trait name), then we will update the 
> design. Probably based on the namespace configuration, nova will be 
> responsible for create those custom RC first. Sounds works.

A couple points...

1) I was/am opposed to putting the least-fine-grained size in a resource 
class name. For example, I would have preferred DISK_BYTE instead of 

2) After reading the original Intel PMEM specification 
(http://pmem.io/documents/NVDIMM_Namespace_Spec.pdf), it seems to me 
that what you are describing with a generic PMEM_GB (or PMEM_BYTE) 
resource class is more appropriate for the block mode translation system 
described in the PDF versus the PMEM namespace system described therein.

 From a lay person's perspective, I see the difference between the two 
as similar to the difference between describing the bytes that are in 
block storage versus a filesystem that has been formatted, wiped, 
cleaned, etc on that block storage.

In Nova, the DISK_GB resource class describes the former: it's a bunch 
of blocks that are reserved in the underlying block storage for use by 
the virtual machine. The virtual machine manager then formats that bunch 
of blocks as needed and lays down a formatted image.

We don't have a resource class that represents "a filesystem" or "a 
partition" (yet). But the proposed PMEM namespaces in your spec 
definitely seem to be more like a "filesystem resource" than a "GB of 
block storage" resource.


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