Call for help! 'U' Release name Mandarin speakers

LIU Yulong i at
Thu Feb 14 13:34:36 UTC 2019

This now seems interesting. There is no Standard Chinese Pinyin starts with 'U'.
So I have a suggestion, because we have 'Wu', 'Lu', 'Hu', 'Nu', 'Yu' and so on.
How about we give the OpenStack version name with the letters order of rotation?
For instance, we can use 'Uw', 'Uy' to represent the Standard Pinyin.
Then we will have a lot of choices. Such as 'Uwzhen' for 乌镇,'Uyxi' for 玉溪, 'Uylin' for 玉林,
'Uhbei' for 湖北,yeah, yeah, we have a lot of choices. 


LIU Yulong
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On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 10:09:35PM -0500, Mohammed Naser wrote:

> So: chatting with some folks from China and we’ve got the interesting problem that Pinyin does not have a U!

I admit this doesn't surprise me.
> I will leave it for some of the locals who mentioned that they can clarify more about that :)

Yup, if there isn't anything that naturally fits with the establish
criteria we'd just have a number of items that are 'exceptional' and get
TC endorsement for similar to

Yours Tony.
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