Placement governance switch

Ed Leafe ed at
Mon Feb 11 16:03:26 UTC 2019

With PTL election season coming up soon, this seems like a good time to revisit the plans for the Placement effort to become a separate project with its own governance. We last discussed this back at the Denver PTG in September 2018, and settled on making Placement governance dependent on a number of items. [0]

Most of the items in that list have been either completed, are very close to completion, or, in the case of the upgrade, is no longer expected. But in the time since that last discussion, much has changed. Placement is now a separate git repo, and is deployed and run independently of Nova. The integrated gate in CI is using the extracted Placement repo, and not Nova’s version.

In a hangout last week [1], we agreed to several things:

* Placement code would remain in the Nova repo for the Stein release to allow for an easier transition for deployments tools that were not prepared for this change
* The Placement code in the Nova tree will remain frozen; all new Placement work will be in the Placement repo.
* The Placement API is now unfrozen. Nova, however, will not develop code in Stein that will rely on any newer Placement microversion than the current 1.30.
* The Placement code in the Nova repo will be deleted in the Train release.

Given the change of context, now may be a good time to change to a separate governance. The concerns on the Nova side have been largely addressed, and switching governance now would allow us to participate in the next PTL election cycle. We’d like to get input from anyone else in the OpenStack community who feels that a governance change would impact them, so please reply in this thread if you have concerns.


-- Ed Leafe

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