OpenStack User Survey 2019

Allison Price allison at
Sun Apr 28 00:11:08 UTC 2019

Hi Michael,

We reached out to all of the PTLs who had questions in the 2018 version of the survey to review and update their questions. If there is a project that was missed, we can add it and share anonymized results with the PTLs directly as well as the openstack-discsuss mailing list.

If there is a question from the Octavia team, please let us know and we can add it for the 2019 survey.


> On Apr 27, 2019, at 4:01 PM, Michael Johnson <johnsomor at> wrote:
> Jimmy,
> I am curious, how did you reach out the PTLs for project specific
> questions?  The Octavia team didn't receive any e-mail from you or
> Allison on the topic.
> Michael

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