[Tripleo][Octavia][OVN] Overcloud deployment Issues with Octavia

Rabi Mishra ramishra at redhat.com
Mon Apr 22 12:10:34 UTC 2019

Hi All,

For some Octavia testing with heat, I tried deploying 3+1 node overcloud
with Octavia environment and THT master. As expected, deployment finished
successfully. However, when trying to do some Octavia API calls (ex. list
laodbalancers etc), it was returning (503) Service Unavailable error.
Checking the logs of octavia_api container (though the container was
running), it was in a continous loop.

I have captured some of these issues (as described below) in
https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1825146 too. The intent of this
mail is to bring it to the notice of the respective teams and understand
the best possible way to fix these.

1. Incorrect config setting for provider_drivers.

As of
we added OVN provider driver support for Octavia. However, the config
option seems to be set incorrectly which resulted in octavia-api failing to

2. ovn_nb_connection not in octavia config

It seems ovn provider driver (part of networking-ovn) connects to ovn nb
database as part of initialization. However, we don't seem to configure
connection string in octavia.conf and it tries to connect to and

I've already proposed a few patches[1] to fix the above two issues.

3. Missing Octavia Driver Agent

Octavia had added a driver-agent controller process in Stein (for provider
drivers to communicate with the octavia for status and stats update). This
process is expected to be collocated with octavia-api and creates a pair of
unix domain sockets for communication that the drivers use.

We don't seem to have this implemented in THT yet. Is this something
planned and someone working on it?  AFAICT, we can't enable/use the OVN
provider driver without adding this service/container?

Adding support for this in THT also seems little complex and probably can
be done in few different ways. Is there a standard design pattern we use
for these kind of requirements in Tripleo?  If we already have an agreed
plan on how to do it, please ignore below.

I can only think of the few options below.  Probably there are better ones

a. New OctivaDriverAgent Service.

As the process is expected to be co-llocated with octavia-api to share the
domain sockets (we can share /var/run/octavia from host on both
containers), I'm not sure if this would be a good design though.

b. As a sidecar of octavia_api

Not a new service, but as a sidecar container for octavia-api (started when
api starts, do we've something like this already there for other services?).

Ideas/comments welcome:)


Rabi Mishra
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