[charms] OpenStack Charms 19.04 release is available with Stein enablement

David Ames david.ames at canonical.com
Wed Apr 17 22:22:10 UTC 2019

The OpenStack Charms development team is happy to announce the 19.04
charms release, introducing support for OpenStack Stein with Ceph
Mimic on Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS) and Ubuntu 19.04.  This charm release also
brings several new and valuable features to the existing OpenStack
Charms deployments for Queens, Rocky, Stein, and many other stable
combinations of Ubuntu + OpenStack.

For the full release notes, please reference:

Some highlights:
* Masakari instance high-availability
* Keystone SSO/SAML integration
* Nova GPU and general device pass-through
* Multi-site replication between Ceph RADOS Gateways
* Mirroring of RBD images across Ceph Clusters

The charms dev team is available on Freenode #openstack-charms, and
will be at the Open Infrastructure Summit and PTG events in Denver, CO
(May 2019).

Huge thanks to the 71 charm contributors who worked together to squash
247 bugs, to enable an entirely new charmed version of OpenStack, and
to move the line forward on several key features!

Ryan Beisner
Frode Nordahl
Liam Young
James Page
Doug Hellmann
David Ames
Corey Bryant
Chris MacNaughton
Paul Goins
Pete Vander Giessen
Alex Kavanagh
Edward Hope-Morley
Chris MacNaughton
Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui
Andreas Jaeger
Felipe Reyes
Vladimir Grevtsev
Dmitrii Shcherbakov
Andrew McLeod
Syed Mohammad Adnan Karim
Andre Ruiz
Tiago Pasqualini
Billy Olsen
Drew Freiberger
Seyeong Kim
Hua Zhang
Vu Cong Tuan
Trent Lloyd
Przemyslaw Hausman
Andrea Ieri
Xav Paice
Alvaro Uria
Tytus Kurek
Nikolay Vinogradov
Nobuto Murata
Nicolas Pochet
Aymen Frikha
Marian Gasparovic
lei zhang
Niels van Adrichem
andy wang
Shane Peters
Jonathan Herlin
Andrey Grebennikov
Diko Parvanov
Dimos Alevizos
Mike Wilson
David Coronel
Tilman Baumann
Jesper M
Gábor Mészáros
Junien Fridrick
Pedro Guimarães
Wouter van Bommel
Abhijeet Patra
Peter Zhang
Barry Price
Dongdong Tao

OpenStack Charm Team

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