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On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 09:51:03AM -0500, Jay Bryant wrote:
> Team,
> I would like to propose Brian Rosmaita for Cinder core.
> His participation in Cinder has been steadily increasing during the 
> Stein release.  He attended the mid-cycle meeting in Raleigh and was 
> able to provide great insight and input using his experience from Glance.
> His review activity has been consistent during Stein.  He has helped 
> get backports to our stable branches and subsequently has ensured that 
> we do timely releases of Cinder's components.
> Considering the broad range of activity Brian has demonstrated and his 
> years of experience in OpenStack I think he will serve as an excellent 
> addition to our core team.
> If I do not hear any concerns with this nomination I will make Brian 
> core on 4/24.
> Thank you!
> Jay

Big +1 from me. Thanks for all the work you've been doing Brian. Will be great having you as core.

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