[ops] Operators Informal Gathering at Summit, Monday night

David Medberry openstack at medberry.net
Sun Apr 14 14:24:19 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Typically at large OpenStack events, the Operators try and assemble a
bit more casually to blow off steam and have some 1:1 time. And as the
Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver approaches (aka OpenStack
Summit), we're planning another one.

Monday night, April 29th, the early evening starts with the usual
Marketplace. It runs until 7pm. Consequently, I'm proposing an "after"
gathering at Wynkoop Brewery starting at 7:30pm until whenever.
Wynkoop has a second floor with a number of pool tables and a casual
environment. Many of the Operators met there last fall during the
OpenStack PTG. As more operators will be at the Summit (first half of
the week) we'll have this gathering on Monday instead of later in the
week during the PTG.

Many teams and companies have their own event on Monday evening but it
looks to provide the best opportunity to get the operators together.

This will be a "dutch treat" ie, pay your own bill event as no one is
underwriting it and it is NOT an official Open Infra event. However,
I'd appreciate a reply if you will be able to join the operators.

(Wynkoop Brewing is on the north end and a couple blocks off of the
16th St Mall but the MallRide buses that circulate will get you most
of the way there. It sits 1/2 way between 16th St and Coors Field. The
pool room is upstairs. And although it's a brewery, think of it more
as a brewpub as it has a full bar, not just beers. And of course has a
pub-style food menu as well. More info here:  https://wynkoop.com/ /
Also, it may be the only brewery founded by any of the dozens of
people running for 2020 United States president.)

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