[glance][interop] standardized image "name" ?

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 14:07:26 UTC 2019

On 4/7/19 5:35 PM, Mohammed Naser wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Something that I've been dealing with is the fact that regardless of
> what cloud you're using, the naming structure is very much different.
> While we aim to be interoperable, if I want to "boot an Debian Stretch
> server", the image name will probably be different all over the
> places.
> Is there some sort of way we can eliminate this by implementing a
> standard naming convention which would allow us to use the same images
> across all systems?
> I'm just opening the idea for discussion, I'd love to hear what others
> think about this.
> Mohammed

Sorry to be late to the discussion.  We've had Forum/PTG sessions on
this, and while everyone agrees that something needs to be done, it's
difficult to standardize on what.  The key takeaway has been to use some
combination of the common image properties (as Tim suggests).  The
upside is that these are propagated by the nova image-create action
(unless they're ruled out by the nova non_inheritable_image_properties
config), and so a user snapshot will have the os_distro and os_version
on them, so this info won't be lost by an image rename.  (The naming
scheme Fei Long describes is a clever way to get this info into the
image name, but it has the downside that it will be lost on user snapshots.)

If the current common image properties aren't sufficient, it's easy to
extend them because under the hood they're simply custom image
properties for which people have agreed on a name and (more or less)
what the value should be.  For example, a 'description' property was
added in the Stein release.

Also, just a reminder that "hidden" images were introduced in Rocky via
the 'os_hidden' image property; they allow you to make only your most
recent public images show up by default in a users' image-list calls.


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