[trove] Trove CI and review

Lingxian Kong anlin.kong at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 00:13:52 UTC 2019

Hi team,

You may have noticed that after we migrating the trove CI job to Ubuntu
Bionic, there are some non-voting jobs keep failing because of some
inconsistency issues or incompatible installations inside the guest agent

I have been working on the fix, but would appreciate if any of you could
offer some help, especially if you care about the database types relating
to those failed jobs.

Additionally, as the team core reviewers, please keep review, or at least
leave some comment on the patches showing that you are interested but don't
have time at the moment. Be aware of that, given the current situation of
review activities in the project, it's acceptable for only one core
reviewer to merge patches, especially those trivial ones such as CI fixes,
documentation, etc.


Lingxian Kong
Catalyst Cloud
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