Fwd: [Magnum] x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Anirudh Gupta anyrude10 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 11:05:53 UTC 2019

Hi Team,

I have deployed K8s cluster using Magnum Openstack Rocky Release.
I have one master node and one slave node in my cluster.
But when I try to create a POD on master node using the command

*kubectl run nginx --image=nginx*

My Container remains in ContainerCreating State.
When I debugged into the issue, I found the below error

*Warning  FailedCreatePodSandBox  59s (x24 over 32m)  kubelet,
kubernetes-cluster-w6csm5uqyspz-minion-0  Failed create pod sandbox: rpc
error: code = Unknown desc = failed pulling image
<http://gcr.io/google_containers/pause:3.0>": x509: certificate signed by
unknown authority*

However, in */etc/sysconfig/docker* file,
I have disabled the gcr.io repository.

OPTIONS='--insecure-registry="gcr.io,googleapis.com" --selinux-enabled '

The docker is successfully pulling the *gcr.io/google_containers/pause:3.0
<http://gcr.io/google_containers/pause:3.0> image,* BUT kubernetes is
neither able to use local repository nor able to pull the image.

Can someone please help me in resolving the *x509: certificate signed by
unknown authority issue?*

Anirudh Gupta
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