[scientific-sig][ironic] Gathering datapoints - Ironic integration with data centre inventory management

Stig Telfer stig.openstack at telfer.org
Mon Apr 8 22:05:40 UTC 2019

Hi All -

Following some recent discussion with our friends at CERN, they are interested in gathering data, use cases and opinions about how Ironic could integrate with external DCIM tools.  The idea is that Ironic’s essential node data could be enriched by being cross-referenced with lifecycle data, location, etc (and perhaps vice versa).

We would like to bring some operator experience and Scientific SIG users tend to care for a broad base of hardware outside of their OpenStack estate.  I might argue that Scientific SIG users stand to gain much from external integrations like this.

Let’s put it on the agenda for this week’s IRC meeting (Wednesday 1100 UTC) and I hope people will come along with wish lists and constructive ideas that might be good input to help the CERN team gauge what good options might be.


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