[release][kayobe] Release job failures

Mark Goddard mark at stackhpc.com
Mon Apr 8 08:21:42 UTC 2019


We've had a few release job failures in Kayobe [1]. I created some new tags
on stable branches last week, and the release jobs failed with the

Unable to freeze job graph: Unable to modify final job <Job
trigger-readthedocs-webhook branches: None source:
opendev/base-jobs/zuul.yaml at master#112> attribute
variables={'rtd_webhook_id': '74820', 'rtd_project_name':
'kayobe-release-notes'} with variant <Job trigger-readthedocs-webhook
branches: None source: openstack/kayobe/zuul.d/project.yaml at master#2>

It's not clear from the email which branch, tag or job this affects. The
message above references our readthedocs job which aims to publish release
notes, although I can't see the expected releases on tarballs.o.o or PyPI.

The RTD release note Zuul job is defined here [2], is it causing a problem?
We also use the docs-on-readthedocs template to update our docs.


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