resize a vm to a flavor with pci-passthrough

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at
Mon Apr 8 06:37:14 UTC 2019

W dniu 08.04.2019 o 07:45, Manuel Sopena Ballesteros pisze:
> Dear Openstack community,
> I have 1 physical node with x4 nvidia nv100 running 1 fat vm. 
> Additionally I am adding a nvme drive into that host and I would
> like to attach the nvme drive to the vm. Ideally I prefer to avoid
> data migration and redeploy the software.
> My problem is that I don't have another host with gpus so I am 
> guessing that the vm can't be migrated. Am I right assuming this?
> So far I thought about 2 possibilities but I don't know whether they 
> would work:
> Option 1: crate a new flavor with the pci device pass-through and 
> resize existing vm (I hope the new vm with the new flavor will have 
> the nvme attached).
> Option 2: convert ephemeral virtual disk into a bootable volume.
> Destroy vm. Create new vm with the new volume as a boot device.

> Which option would be preferred? Is there any other think I can do?

Attach NVME to VM and migrate system in VM?

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