[qa][patrole] get_tenant_network found None

Sergey Vilgelm sergey at vilgelm.info
Thu Apr 4 13:57:06 UTC 2019


There is an issue with get_tenant_network function in the Patrole tests. Zuul failed on patch set [0] due to 'Multiple possible networks found, use a Network ID to be more specific’[1]. Tempest logs[2] contain an message: '(ServerActionsRbacTest:setUpClass) Found network None available for tenant’.

Who knows why this can happen? I have an idea, that this could happen in case of a parallel test running and one test rewrote the roles and another test didn’t find a tenant's network at same time because of the wrong roles.

[0] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/648255/
[1] http://logs.openstack.org/55/648255/1/check/patrole-admin/63b6639/testr_results.html.gz
[2] http://logs.openstack.org/55/648255/1/check/patrole-admin/63b6639/controller/logs/tempest_log.txt.gz

Sergey Vilgelm

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