[nova] Pre-PTG spec review day(s)

Kashyap Chamarthy kchamart at redhat.com
Thu Apr 4 08:17:53 UTC 2019

On Tue, Apr 02, 2019 at 02:47:55PM -0500, Eric Fried wrote:
> Dear Nova spec authors and reviewers-
> Since our PTG time is shorter than usual this cycle, and we usually
> run out of time before we finish our agenda anyway, I would like to
> try to get as much spec review work wrapped up as possible before
> Denver.
> To that end, I would like to propose at least one spec review day over
> the next couple of weeks. This will be a chance for authors and
> reviewers to interact in a more synchronous fashion and hopefully let
> us close on some of the more significant issues.
> Can we do this next Tuesday, April 9th; and if necessary (and seeming
> productive) the following Tuesday, April 16th?

FWIW, works for me.

I have two irons in the fire:

(1) Add "Secure Boot support for KVM & QEMU guests" spec

(2) Add "CPU selection with hypervisor consideration" spec

The first spec has had some detailed review in the past.  I had to put
it on hold for a while, as we needed some major work to be done (refer
to the periodic updates I posted on the Gerrit change) in the lower
layer components: OVMF, QEMU, and libvirt.  That work is now is
completed, with libvirt merging the "auto-selection of firmware
binaries" in its latest release, 5.2.0.  Nova should now be set to start
designing the support for Secure Boot for KVM/QEMU guests.  I have
refreshed the spec, and am rewriting it to reflect the new reality.

The second spec is also fairly uncontroversial (refer to the problem
description and work items in the spec).  It has had some intial
reviews, and I'm addressing the feedback.

PS: I've also briefly described both of the above in the PTG Etherpad.



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