[tc][telemetry] Asking core privileges on Telemetry projects

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Apr 3 09:10:18 UTC 2019

Trinh Nguyen wrote:
> As I am the new PTL for Telemetry in Train [1] and the current cores 
> seem inactive, I would like to ask the TC team to grant myself 
> <dangtrinhnt at gmail.com <mailto:dangtrinhnt at gmail.com>> and Lingxian Kong 
> <anlin.kong at gmail.com <mailto:anlin.kong at gmail.com>> to the core team of 
> these Telemetry managed projects:
> + ceilometer
> + aodh
> + panko
> Next step for me is to re-organize core members and meetings.

As the PTL should ultimately decide who is on the core reviewers group, 
I support/second this request. TC members can't directly force Gerrit 
group contents but I expect the infra team will be able to help.

Thierry Carrez

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