[openstack-dev][tripleo] TripleO CI Summary: Sprint 22

Rafael Folco rfolco at redhat.com
Fri Nov 30 17:48:23 UTC 2018


The TripleO CI team has just completed Sprint 22 (Nov 08 thru Nov 28).
The following is a summary of completed work during this sprint cycle:


   Converted multinode scenarios(1-4) to standalone job. This effort will
   allow us to replace multinode scenario jobs that are consuming most of
   upstream resources. Replacement of multinode scenario jobs is starting
   immediately and should be complete by Jan 2019.

   Improved python and ansible support on Fedora 28 job, which is
   successfully deploying TripleO, but still requires further work on Tempest
   packaging before becoming a voting job. This is the first step in using
   upstream CI to validate python3 and RHEL8 work.

   Investigated alternative solutions for the reproducer to approximate
   with the zuulv3 workflow. A PoC has been developed to run Zuul in a
   container as the reproducer script for TripleO CI.

   Tested a new CI environment for OVB jobs on RDO cloud. Experiments for
   refectoring ovb deployment to be incorporated into CI code without
   te-broker bits.


   Initial testing of CentOS 7.6 looks good


The sprint task board for CI team is tracked on Taiga [1] and the Ruck and
Rover notes for this sprint has been tracked in the etherpad [2].

The planned work for the next sprint focuses in completing the upstream
standalone job for Fedora 28 by eliminating all related issues. It also
includes moving the multinode scenarios to the standalone jobs that has
started in the previous sprint. The team continues to work on the
reproducer and preparing a CI environment for OVB.  The only new item for
the sprint is to start building the production pipeline promotion jobs for
Fedora 28.

The Ruck and Rover for this sprint are Marios Andreou (marios) and Sorin
Sbarnea (ssbarnea). Please direct questions or queries to them regarding CI
status or issues in #tripleo, ideally to whomever has the ‘|ruck’ suffix on
their nick.



[2] https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/ruckrover-sprint22

Rafael Folco
Senior Software Engineer
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