[Openstack] [Cinder] Cinder New Tag Release

Chhavi Agarwal chhagarw at in.ibm.com
Wed Nov 28 04:42:33 UTC 2018

I could see that the Unit tests are run against the latest oslo.messaging
from the master, and source tree is old.

[root at ip9-114-192-185 cinder-es]#  grep install_command tox.ini
install_command = pip install -c{env:UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:
} {opts} {packages}
[root at ip9-114-192-185 cinder-es]#

Will get the configuration fixed. Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks & Regards,
Chhavi Agarwal
Cloud System Software Group.

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Date:	11/28/2018 12:39 AM
Subject:	Re: [Openstack] [Cinder] Cinder New Tag Release

On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 1:05 PM iain MacDonnell <iain.macdonnell at oracle.com
> wrote:

  >> Want to know if we can have a new Cinder tag release to incorporate
  >> the new fixes.
  > [attempting to cross-post to openstack-discuss]
  > Cinder 13.x releases are OpenStack Rocky, and the upper-constraints for

  > Rocky [1] says oslo.messaging===8.1.2, so there should be no need to
  > backport this fix.
  > Are you trying to run the unit tests when you see this? When I run tox
  > on stable/rocky, it installs 8.1.2 as one of the dependencies,
  > to be honest, I'm really not sure how tox knows that that's the right
  > version.

  Ahh, here's how it knows :-

  $ grep install_command tox.ini
  install_command = pip install
  {opts} {packages}


Yeah, we shouldn't need to backport something like this. We have upper
constraints specifically
to avoid needing to handle cases like this.


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