[openstack-dev] StarlingX gap analysis to converge with OpenStack master

Xu, Chenjie chenjie.xu at intel.com
Thu Nov 22 03:20:53 UTC 2018

Hi Miguel,
There is another RFE “Add l2pop support for floating IP resources” proposed to Launchpad. This RFE also comes from StarlingX and the link is below:
Could you please help review this RFE? I think this RFE can be added to the gap analysis. What’s more, there is a bug and a RFE relating to l2pop and neutron-dynamic-routing is being written and is expected to be released next week.

Best Regards,
Xu, Chenjie

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Subject: [openstack-dev] StarlingX gap analysis to converge with OpenStack master

Hi Stackers,

One of the key goals of StarlingX during the current cycle is to converge with the OpenStack projects master branches. In order to accomplish this goal, the Technical Steering Committee put together a gap analysis that shows the specs and patches that need to merge in the different OpenStack projects by the end of Stein. The attached PDF document shows this analysis. Although other projects are involved, most of the work has to be done in Nova, Neutron and Horizon. Hopefully all the involved projects will help StarlingX achieve this important goal.

It has to be noted that work is still on-going to refine this gap analysis, so there might be some updates to it in the near future.

Best regards

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