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Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 22:07:14 UTC 2018

On 11/19/2018 9:32 PM, Rambo wrote:
>        I have an idea.Now we can't filter the special flavor according 
> to the property.Can we achieve it?If we achieved this,we can filter the 
> flavor according the property's key and value to filter the flavor. What 
> do you think of the idea?Can you tell me more about this ?Thank you very 
> much.

To be clear, you want to filter flavors by extra spec key and/or value? 
So something like:

GET /flavors?key=hw%3Acpu_policy

would return all flavors with an extra spec with key "hw:cpu_policy".


GET /flavors?key=hw%3Acpu_policy&value=dedicated

would return all flavors with extra spec "hw:cpu_policy" with value 

The query parameter semantics are probably what gets messiest about 
this. Because I could see wanting to couple the key and value together, 
but I'm not sure how you do that, because I don't think you can do this:

GET /flavors?spec=hw%3Acpu_policy=dedicated

Maybe you'd do:

GET /flavors?hw%3Acpu_policy=dedicated

The problem with that is we wouldn't be able to perform any kind of 
request schema validation of it, especially since flavor extra specs are 
not standardized.




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