[Openstack] Create VMs with Power architecture(ppc64) on OpenStack running on x86_64 nodes??

Yedhu Sastri yedhusastri at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 16:25:13 UTC 2018

Hello All,

I have some use-cases which I want to test in PowerPC architecture(ppc64).
As I dont have any Power machines I would like to try it with ppc64 VM's.
Is it possible to run these kind of VM's on my OpenStack cluster(Queens)
which runs on X86_64 architecture nodes(OS RHEL 7)??

I set the image property architecture=ppc64 to the ppc64 image I uploaded
to glance but no success in launching VM with those images. I am using KVM
as hypervisor(qemu 2.10.0) in my compute nodes and I think it is not built
to support power architecture. For testing without OpenStack I manually
built qemu on a x86_64 host with ppc64 support(qemu-ppc64) and then I am
able to host the ppc64 VM. But I dont know how to do this on my OpenStack
cluster. Whether I need to manually build qemu on compute nodes with ppc64
support or I need to add some lines in my nova.conf to do this?? Any help
to solve this issue would be much appreciated.


Thank you for your time and have a nice day,

With kind regards,
Yedhu Sastri
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