[forum][tc] Summary of the Vision for OpenStack Clouds session

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Mon Dec 3 03:24:42 UTC 2018

During the Berlin summit there were a couple of discussions about the 
Vision for OpenStack Clouds, culminating in the initial version being 
merged. You can find it published here:


During the joint leadership meeting on the Monday before the Summit, the 
TC presented the latest draft of the vision to the Foundation Board.[1] 
All of the feedback we received from board members was positive. Paper 
copies of the draft were available at the meeting, and it was also 
posted to the foundation mailing list afterwards.[2]

This was followed on Thursday by a Forum session to discuss the next 
steps: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BER-cloud-vision

With the review having already accumulated the required number of votes 
from the TC and nobody objecting, we determined that the next step 
should be to approve the draft and publish it. This is intended to be a 
living document, so in that spirit we'll continue to make ongoing tweaks 
based on feedback.

A number of evolutionary improvements have been suggested (my summary):

* (mordred) The SDK supports a use case where each Region in a cloud has 
its own Keystone endpoint, with the data synced behind the scenes. The 
definition of 'region' contained in the vision does not cover this. 
ayoung will submit a patch to update the wording.
* (gmann) We could mention something about feature discovery in the 
section on OpenStack-specific considerations, to help ensure 
* (fungi) We could also more explicitly declare that leaking 
implementation details into the API and beyond is something we're trying 
to avoid for interoperability reasons. fungi will submit a patch to do that.

Doug also suggested that we should try to get this document incorporated 
into the main openstack.org website somehow, since the governance site 
is not especially visible even within the technical community and might 
as well not exist for those outside it. There are technical challenges 
with keeping a non-static document in sync to openstack.org, and 
publishing a forward-looking document like this verbatim to a wider 
audience might risk creating some confusion. However, it would be a 
shame to squander this opportunity for the technical community to 
collaborate more with the Foundation's marketing team in how we portray 
the goals of the OpenStack project. I will contact Lauren Sell on behalf 
of the TC to start a discussion on how we can make the best use of the 


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