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> Hello!
> Over the last few months, it seems that tripleo-quickstart has evolved into a
> CI tool.  It's primarily used by computers, and not humans.
> tripleo-quickstart is a helpful set of ansible playbooks, and a collection of
> feature sets.  However, it's become less useful for setting up development
> environments by humans.  For example, devmode.sh was recently
> deprecated without a user-friendly replacement. Moreover, during some
> informal irc conversations in #oooq, some developers even mentioned the
> plan to merge tripleo-quickstart and tripleo-ci.
> I think it would be beneficial to create a set of defaults for tripleo-quickstart
> that can be used to spin up new environments; a set of defaults for humans.
> This can either be a well-maintained script in tripleo-quickstart itself, or a
> brand new project, e.g.
> tripleo-quickstart-humans.  The number of settings, knobs, and flags should
> be kept to a minimum.
> This would accomplish two goals:
> 1.  It would bring uniformity to the team.  Each environment is
>     installed the same way.  When something goes wrong, we can
>     eliminate differences in setup when debugging.  This should save a
>     lot of time.
> 2.  Quicker and more reliable environment setup.  If the set of defaults
>     is used by many people, it should container fewer bugs because more
>     people using something should translate into more bug reports, and
>     more bug fixes.
> These thoughts are coming from the context of tripleo-ui development.  I
> need an environment in order to develop, but I don't necessarily always care
> about how it's installed.  I want something that works for most scenarios.
> What do you think?  Does this make sense?  Does something like this already
> exist?
> Thanks for listening!
> Honza

What is the recommended way to bring up a small POC of TripleO outside of CI?

Documentation suggests using quickstart 


"For development or proof of concept (PoC) environments, Quickstart can also be used."

Quickstart.sh outside of CI has been broken for a while.
It requires zuul cloner to work.


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