[openstack-dev] [nova] [placement] Upgrade concerns with nested Resource Providers

Eric Fried openstack at fried.cc
Thu May 31 19:13:06 UTC 2018


>> virt driver isn't supposed to talk to placement directly, or know
>> anything about allocations?
> For sake of discussion, how much (if any) easier would it be if we
> got rid of this restriction?

At this point, having implemented the update_[from_]provider_tree flow
as we have, it would probably make things harder.  We still have to do
the same steps, but any bits we wanted to let the virt driver handle
would need some kind of weird callback dance.

But even if we scrapped update_[from_]provider_tree and redesigned from
first principles, virt drivers would have a lot of duplication of the
logic that currently resides in update_from_provider_tree.

So even though the restriction seems to make things awkward, having been
embroiled in this code as I have, I'm actually seeing how it keeps
things as clean and easy to reason about as can be expected for
something that's inherently as complicated as this.

>> the resource tracker that "inventory of resource class A on provider B
>> have moved to provider C" for all applicable AxBxC.  E.g.
> traits too?

The traits are part of the updated provider tree itself.  The existing
logic in update_from_provider_tree handles shuffling those around.  I
don't think the RT needs to be told about any specific trait movement in
order to reason about moving allocations.  Do you see something I'm
missing there?

> The fact that we are using what amounts to a DSL to pass
> some additional instruction back from the virt driver feels squiffy

Yeah, I don't disagree.  The provider_tree object, and updating it via
update_provider_tree, is kind of a DSL already.  The list-of-dicts
format is just a strawman; we could make it an object or whatever (not
that that would make it less DSL-ish).

Perhaps an OVO :P


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