[openstack-dev] [api] notes from api-sig forum meeting on graphql experiment

Michael McCune msm at redhat.com
Thu May 31 18:53:24 UTC 2018

hi everybody,

i have added my notes to the etherpad[1] from summit.

briefly, we had a great meeting about creating a graphql experiment in
openstack and i tried to capture some of the questions and comments
that flew back and forth.

there seems to be a good consensus that a proof of concept will be
created on the neutron server, most likely in an experimental feature
branch. Gilles Dubreuil has volunteered to lead this effort (thank you
Gilles!), hopefully with some help from a few neutron savy folks ;)

it is still very early in this experiment, but i think there was a
good feeling that if this works it could create some great
opportunities for improvement across the openstack ecosystem. i really
hope it does!

peace o/

[1]: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/YVR18-API-SIG-forum

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