[openstack-dev] [tc][forum] TC Retrospective for Queens/Rocky

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Thu May 31 13:03:21 UTC 2018

Excerpts from Thierry Carrez's message of 2018-05-31 10:31:12 +0200:
> Doug Hellmann wrote:
> > [...]
> > I'm missing details and/or whole topics. Please review the list and
> > make any updates you think are necessary.
> One thing that was raised at the Board+TC+UC meeting is the idea of 
> creating a group to help with wording and communication of "help most 
> needed" list items, so that they contain more business-value explanation 
> and get more regular status updates at the Board...
> If I remember correctly, Chris Price, dims and you volunteered :) I'm 
> happy to help too.
> Is that something you would like to track on this document as well ?

Yes, that would be a good thing to add. I also still plan to send
a summary of the meeting from my perspective.


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