[openstack-dev] [tripleo] CI Team Sprint 13 Summary

Matt Young myoung at redhat.com
Wed May 30 21:14:30 UTC 2018


The TripleO CI team has just completed Sprint 13 (5/3 - 05/23).  The
following is a summary of activities during our sprint.   Details on our
team structure can be found in the spec [1].

# Sprint 13 Epic (CI Squad): Upgrade Support and Refactoring

- Epic Card: https://trello.com/c/cuKevn28/728-sprint-13-upgrades-goals
- Tasks: http://ow.ly/L86Y30kg75L

This sprint was spent with the CI squad focused on Upgrades.

We wanted to be able to use existing/working/tested CI collateral (ansible
playbooks and roles) used in CI today.  Throughout many of these are
references to  “{{ release }}” (e.g. ‘queens’, ‘pike’).  In order to not
retrofit the bulk of these with “upgrade aware” conditionals and/or logic
we needed a tool/module that could generate the inputs for the ‘release’
variable (and other similar inputs).   This allows us to reuse our common
roles and playbooks by decoupling the specifics of {upgrades, updates, FFU}
* {pike, queens, rocky,…}.  We’ve created this tool, and also put into
place a linting and unit tests for it as well.  We also made a few of the
jobs that had been prototyped and created in previous sprints voting, then
used them to validate changes to said jobs to wire in the new workflow/tool.

We are optimistic that work done in sprint 13 will prove useful in future
sprints.  A table to describe some of the problem set and our thinking
around variables used in CI is at [2].  The tool and tests are at [3].

# Sprint 13 Epic (Tempest Squad):

- Epic Card:
- Tasks: http://ow.ly/LH8Q30kgd1C

In Sprint 13 the tempest squad was focused on refactoring
python-tempestconf.  It is the primary tool used by tempest users to
generate tempest.conf automatically so that users can easily run tempest
tests. Currently in TripleO and Infrared CI, we pass numerous parameters
manually via CLI.  This is cumbersome and error prone.

The high level goals were to reduce the number of default CLI overrides
used today, and to prepare python-tempestconf enabling better integration
with refstack-client.  This entailed service discoverability work.  We
added support for keystone, glance, cinder, swift, and neutron.  Additional
service support is planned for future sprints.  We also improved existing
documentation for python-tempestconf.

# Ruck & Rover (Sprint 13)

Sagi Shnaidman (sshnaidm), Matt Young (myoung)

A few notable issues where substantial time was spent are below.  Note that
this is not an inclusive list:

- When centos 7.5 was released, this caused a number of issues that
impacted gates.  This included deltas between package versions in BM vs.
container images, changes to centos that caused failures when modifying
images (e.g. IPA) in gates, and the like.
- We experienced issues with our promoter server, and the tripleo-infra
tenant generally around DNS and networking throughput, which impactacted
ability to process promotions.
- RHOS-13 jobs were created, and will eventually be used to gate changes to
- Numerous patches/fixes to RDO Phase 2 jobs and CI infra. We had
accumulated technical debt.  While we have additional work to do,
particularly around some of the BM configs, we made good progress in
bringing various jobs back online.  We are still working on this in sprint
14 and moving forward.


The Tripleo CI team

[2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Tripleo-upgrades-fs-variables
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