[openstack-dev] [stable] [tooz] [ceilometer] cmd2 without upper constraints causes errors in tox-py27

Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Wed May 30 14:59:10 UTC 2018

On Wed, May 30 2018, Elõd Illés wrote:

> cmd2 says that:
> "Python 2.7 support is EOL
> Support for adding new features to the Python 2.7 release of |cmd2| was
> discontinued on April 15, 2018. Bug fixes will be supported for Python 2.7 via
> 0.8.x until August 31, 2018.
> Supporting Python 2 was an increasing burden on our limited resources.
> Switching to support only Python 3 will allow us to clean up the codebase,
> remove some cruft, and focus on developing new features."

Erf. :(

So the problem is that cmd2 is not a requirements in Ceilometer. It's
pulled by cliff. As far as I can see, cliff latest version (2.11.0)
announces it supports Python 2.7 (obviously) while also depends on
cmd2>=0.6.7. Cliff needs to upper cap cmd2 if it wants to support
Python 2.

I see cliff has already set that requirements in its master branch, but
no new version has been released. Releasing a new cliff version should
fix that issue.

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