[openstack-dev] [StarlingX] StarlingX code followup discussions

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed May 23 18:07:14 UTC 2018

On 2018-05-23 13:48:56 -0400 (-0400), Jay Pipes wrote:
> I believe you may be confusing packages (or package specs) with
> distributions?
> Mirantis OpenStack was never hosted on an openstack
> infrastructure. Fuel is, as are deb spec files and Puppet
> manifests, etc. But the distribution of OpenStack is the
> collection of all those specs/build files along with a default
> configuration and things like project deltas exposed as patch
> files. Same goes for RDO, Canonical OpenStack, etc.

The Debian OpenStack packaging effort, when we were hosting it (the
maintainers eventually decided for the sake of consistency to move
it back into Debian's collaborative hosting instead) were in fact
done as forked copies of the Git repositories of official OpenStack
deliverables. Patch series and Git forks can be converted back and
forth, at some cost to developer efficiency, but ultimately are an
implementation detail.
Jeremy Stanley
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