[openstack-dev] [tripleo] Migration to Storyboard

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Mon May 21 20:58:26 UTC 2018

During the Storyboard session today:

We mentioned that TripleO would continue to migrate during Rocky cycle.
Like Alex mentioned in this thread, we need to migrate the scripts used by
the CI squad so they work with SB.
Once this is done, we'll proceed to the full migration of all blueprints
and bugs into tripleo-common project in SB.
Projects like tripleo-validations, tripleo-ui (more?) who have 1:1 mapping
between their "name" and project repository could use a dedicated project
in SB, although we need to keep things simple for our users so they know
where to file a bug without confusion.
We hope to proceed during Rocky but it'll probably take some time to update
our scripts and documentation, also educate our community to use the tool,
so we expect the Stein cycle the first cycle where we actually consume SB.

I really wanted to thank the SB team for their patience and help, TripleO
is big and this migration hasn't been easy but we'll make it :-)


On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 7:53 AM, Alex Schultz <aschultz at redhat.com> wrote:

> Bumping this up so folks can review this.  It was mentioned in this
> week's meeting that it would be a good idea for folks to take a look
> at Storyboard to get familiar with it.  The upstream docs have been
> updated[0] to point to the differences when dealing with proposed
> patches.  Please take some time to review this and raise any
> concerns/issues now.
> Thanks,
> -Alex
> [0] https://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/developers.html#
> development-workflow
> On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 1:24 PM, Alex Schultz <aschultz at redhat.com> wrote:
> > Hello tripleo folks,
> >
> > So we've been experimenting with migrating some squads over to
> > storyboard[0] but this seems to be causing more issues than perhaps
> > it's worth.  Since the upstream community would like to standardize on
> > Storyboard at some point, I would propose that we do a cut over of all
> > the tripleo bugs/blueprints from Launchpad to Storyboard.
> >
> > In the irc meeting this week[1], I asked that the tripleo-ci team make
> > sure the existing scripts that we use to monitor bugs for CI support
> > Storyboard.  I would consider this a prerequisite for the migration.
> > I am thinking it would be beneficial to get this done before or as
> > close to M2.
> >
> > Thoughts, concerns, etc?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > -Alex
> >
> > [0] https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project_group/76
> > [1] http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/tripleo/2018/
> tripleo.2018-05-08-14.00.log.html#l-42
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Emilien Macchi
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