[openstack-dev] [puppet] [magnum] Magnum tempest fails with 400 bad request

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Thu May 17 12:07:26 UTC 2018

On 05/17/2018 09:49 AM, Tobias Urdin wrote:
> Hello,
> I was interested in getting Magnum working in gate by getting @dms patch
> fixed and merged [1].
> The installation goes fine on Ubuntu and CentOS however the tempest
> testing for Magnum fails on CentOS (it not available in Ubuntu).
> It seems to be related to authentication against keystone but I don't
> understand why, please see logs [2] [3]
> [1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/367012/
> [2]
> http://logs.openstack.org/12/367012/28/check/puppet-openstack-integration-4-scenario003-tempest-centos-7/3f5252b/logs/magnum/magnum-api.txt.gz#_2018-05-16_15_10_36_010
> [3]
> http://logs.openstack.org/12/367012/28/check/puppet-openstack-integration-4-scenario003-tempest-centos-7/3f5252b/

>From that log, you're getting a 404 from nova-api.

Response - Headers: {'status': '404', u'content-length': '113',
'content-location': 'https://[::1]:8774/v2.1/os-keypairs/default',
u'x-compute-request-id': 'req-35ae4651-186c-4f20-9143-f68f67b7d401',
u'vary': 'OpenStack-API-Version,X-OpenStack-Nova-API-Version',
u'server': 'Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS)', u'openstack-api-version': 'compute
2.1', u'connection': 'close', u'x-openstack-nova-api-version': '2.1',
u'date': 'Wed, 16 May 2018 15:10:33 GMT', u'content-type':
'application/json; charset=UTF-8', u'x-openstack-request-id':

but that seems fine because the request right after is working, however
just right after, you're getting a 500 error on magnum-api a bit further:

Response - Headers: {'status': '500', u'content-length': '149',
'content-location': 'https://[::1]:9511/clustertemplates',
u'openstack-api-maximum-version': 'container-infra 1.6', u'vary':
'OpenStack-API-Version', u'openstack-api-minimum-version':
'container-infra 1.1', u'server': 'Werkzeug/0.11.6 Python/2.7.5',
u'openstack-api-version': 'container-infra 1.1', u'date': 'Wed, 16 May
2018 15:10:36 GMT', u'content-type': 'application/json',
u'x-openstack-request-id': 'req-12c635c9-889a-48b4-91d4-ded51220ad64'}

With this body:

Body: {"errors": [{"status": 500, "code": "server", "links": [],
"title": "Bad Request (HTTP 400)", "detail": "Bad Request (HTTP 400)",
"request_id": ""}]}
2018-05-16 15:24:14.434432 | centos-7 |     2018-05-16 15:10:36,016
13619 DEBUG    [tempest.lib.common.dynamic_creds] Clearing network:
{u'provider:physical_network': None, u'ipv6_address_scope': None,
u'revision_number': 2, u'port_security_enabled': True, u'mtu': 1400,
u'id': u'c26c237a-0583-4f72-8300-f87051080be7', u'router:external':
False, u'availability_zone_hints': [], u'availability_zones': [],
u'provider:segmentation_id': 35, u'ipv4_address_scope': None, u'shared':
False, u'project_id': u'31c5c1fbc46e4880b7e498e493700a50', u'status':
u'ACTIVE', u'subnets': [], u'description': u'', u'tags': [],
u'updated_at': u'2018-05-16T15:10:26Z', u'is_default': False,
u'qos_policy_id': None, u'name': u'tempest-setUp-2113966350-network',
u'admin_state_up': True, u'tenant_id':
u'31c5c1fbc46e4880b7e498e493700a50', u'created_at':
u'2018-05-16T15:10:26Z', u'provider:network_type': u'vxlan'}, subnet:
{u'service_types': [], u'description': u'', u'enable_dhcp': True,
u'tags': [], u'network_id': u'c26c237a-0583-4f72-8300-f87051080be7',
u'tenant_id': u'31c5c1fbc46e4880b7e498e493700a50', u'created_at':
u'2018-05-16T15:10:26Z', u'dns_nameservers': [], u'updated_at':
u'2018-05-16T15:10:26Z', u'ipv6_ra_mode': None, u'allocation_pools':
[{u'start': u'', u'end': u''}], u'gateway_ip':
u'', u'revision_number': 0, u'ipv6_address_mode': None,
u'ip_version': 4, u'host_routes': [], u'cidr': u'',
u'project_id': u'31c5c1fbc46e4880b7e498e493700a50', u'id':
u'a7233852-e3f1-4129-b34e-c607aef5172e', u'subnetpool_id': None,
u'name': u'tempest-setUp-2113966350-subnet'}, router: {u'status':
u'ACTIVE', u'external_gateway_info': {u'network_id':
u'c6cf6d80-fcbb-46e6-aefd-17f41b5c57b1', u'enable_snat': True,
u'external_fixed_ips': [{u'subnet_id':
u'34e589e9-86d2-4f72-a0c3-7990406561b1', u'ip_address':
u''}]}, u'availability_zone_hints': [],
u'availability_zones': [], u'description': u'', u'tags': [],
u'tenant_id': u'31c5c1fbc46e4880b7e498e493700a50', u'created_at':
u'2018-05-16T15:10:27Z', u'admin_state_up': True, u'distributed': False,
u'updated_at': u'2018-05-16T15:10:29Z', u'ha': False, u'flavor_id':
None, u'revision_number': 2, u'routes': [], u'project_id':
u'31c5c1fbc46e4880b7e498e493700a50', u'id':
u'bdf13d72-c19c-4ad1-b57d-ed6da9c569b3', u'name':

And right after that, we can only see clean-up calls (removing routers,
DELETE calls, etc.).

Looking at the magnum-api log shows issues in glanceclient just right
before the 500 error.

So, something's probably going on there, with a bad glanceclient
request. Having a look into magnum.conf doesn't show anything suspicious
concerning [glance_client] though, so I went to look into tempest.conf.
And there, it shows no [magnum] section, and I believe that's the issue.
Your tempest package/whatever hasn't been built with the magnum plugin,
and there's nothing configured for magnum like: [magnum]/image_id and
such. Maybe that still works though, because of default values?

I wasn't able to completely figure it out, so I hope this helps... Did
you try to debug this in a VM?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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