[openstack-dev] [ci][infra][tripleo] Multi-staged check pipelines for Zuul v3 proposal

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Tue May 15 16:40:28 UTC 2018

Bogdan Dobrelya <bdobreli at redhat.com> writes:

> * check out testing depends-on things,

(Zuul should have done this for you, but yes.)

> * build repos and all tripleo docker images from these repos,
> * upload into a swift container, with an automatic expiration set, the
> de-duplicated and compressed tarball created with something like:
>   # docker save $(docker images -q) | gzip -1 > all.tar.xz
> (I expect it will be something like a 2G file)
> * something similar for DLRN repos prolly, I'm not an expert for this part.
> Then those stored artifacts to be picked up by the next step in the
> graph, deploying undercloud and overcloud in the single step, like:
> * fetch the swift containers with repos and container images
> * docker load -i all.tar.xz
> * populate images into a local registry, as usual
> * something similar for the repos. Includes an offline yum update (we
> already have a compressed repo, right? profit!)
> * deploy UC
> * deploy OC, if a job wants it
> And if OC deployment brought into a separate step, we do not need
> local registries, just 'docker load -i all.tar.xz' issued for
> overcloud nodes should replace image prep workflows and registries,
> AFAICT. Not sure with the repos for that case.
> I wish to assist with the upstream infra swift setup for tripleo, and
> that plan, just need a blessing and more hands from tripleo CI squad
> ;)

That sounds about right (at least the Zuul parts :).

We're also talking about making a new kind of job which can continue to
run after it's "finished" so that you could use it to do something like
host a container registry that's used by other jobs running on the
change.  We don't have that feature yet, but if we did, would you prefer
to use that instead of the intermediate swift storage?


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