[openstack-dev] [tripleo] tripleo upstream gate outtage, was: -> gate jobs impacted RAX yum mirror

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Sun May 13 15:24:35 UTC 2018

On 2018-05-13 08:25:25 -0600 (-0600), Wesley Hayutin wrote:
> We need to in coordination with the infra team be able to pin / lock
> content for production check and gate jobs while also have the ability to
> stage new content e.g. centos 7.5 with experimental or periodic jobs.

It looks like adjustments would be needed to DIB's centos-minimal
element if we want to be able to pin it to specific minor releases.
However, having to rotate out images in the fashion described would
be a fair amount of manual effort and seems like it would violate
our support expectations in governance if we end up pinning to older
minor versions (for major LTS versions on the other hand, we expect
to undergo this level of coordination but they come at a much slower
pace with a lot more advance warning). If we need to add controlled
roll-out of CentOS minor version updates, this is really no better
than Fedora from the Infra team's perspective and we've already said
we can't make stable branch testing guarantees for Fedora due to the
complexity involved in using different releases for each branch and
the need to support our stable branches longer than the distros are
supporting the releases on which we're testing.

For example, how long would the distro maintainers have committed to
supporting RHEL 7.4 after 7.5 was released? Longer than we're
committing to extended maintenance on our stable/queens branches? Or
would you expect projects to still continue to backport support for
these minor platform bumps to all their stable branches too? And
what sort of grace period should we give them before we take away
the old versions? Also, how many minor versions of CentOS should we
expect to end up maintaining in parallel? (Remember, every
additional image means that much extra time to build and upload to
all our providers, as well as that much more storage on our builders
and in our Glance quotas.)
Jeremy Stanley
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