[openstack-dev] [all] Topics for the Board+TC+UC meeting in Vancouver

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Fri May 11 21:13:27 UTC 2018

On 5/11/2018 2:00 PM, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> Currently the isolation between the Projects and the thing that the users use, the Constellation allows for user needs to easily slip through the cracks. Cause "Project X: we agree that is a problem, but its Y projects problem. Project Y: we agree that is a problem, but its X projects problem." No, seriously, its OpenStacks problem. Most of the major issues I've hit in my many years of using OpenStack were in that category. And there wasn't a good forum for addressing them.

Agree, and we'll be talking about this during the volume multi-attach 
talk at the summit [1]. Because once we got it out the door in Queens, 
there was a lot of "what took so long?" feedback, and the answer to that 
question pulls from a lot of the stuff you're talking about in this 
thread, i.e. big changes are hard, big changes across multiple projects 
are hard, finding people to sustain the efforts for those big changes is 
hard, not dumping a steaming pile on the operators and users is hard 
(think smooth upgrades), etc. So things take time to do them correctly 
and even then people are not satisfied because "it took too long". 
Anyway, there are hopefully some nuggets of wisdom we can share in that 
talk to make stuff like this smoother in the future. I know this isn't 
the only example (by far), it's just a recent one. Lance has some other 
good ones in his reply.





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