[openstack-dev] [kolla] Building Kolla containers with 3rd party vendor drivers

Paul Bourke paul.bourke at oracle.com
Fri May 11 09:35:34 UTC 2018

Hi Sandhya,

Thanks for starting this thread. I've moved it to the mailing list so 
the discussion can be available to anyone else who is interested, I hope 
you don't mind.

If your requirement is to have third party plugins (such as Cisco) that 
are not available on tarballs.openstack.org, available in Kolla, then 
this is already possible.

Using the Cisco case as an example, you would simply need to submit the 
following patch to 

     'neutron-server-plugin-networking-cisco': {
         'type': 'git',
         'location': ('https://github.com/openstack/networking-cisco')},

This will then include that plugin as part of the future neutron-server 

If the requirement is to have Kolla publish a neutron-server container 
with *only* the Cisco plugin, then this is where it gets a little more 
tricky. Sure, we can go the route that's proposed in your patch, but we 
end up then maintaining a massive number of neutron-server containers, 
one per plugin. It also does not address then the issue of what people 
want to do when they want a combination or mix of plugins together.

So right now I feel Kolla takes a middle ground, where we publish a 
neutron-server container with a variety of common plugins. If operators 
have specific requirements, they should create their own config file and 
build their own images, which we expect any serious production setup to 
be doing anyway.


On 10/05/18 18:12, Sandhya Dasu (sadasu) wrote:
> Yes, I think there is some misunderstanding on what I am trying to accomplish here.
> I am utilizing existing Kolla constructs to prove that they work for 3rd party out of tree vendor drivers too.
> At this point, anything that a 3rd party vendor driver does (the way they build their containers, where they publish it and how they generate config) is completely out of scope of Kolla.
> I want to use the spec as a place to articulate and discuss best practices and figure out what part of supporting 3rd party vendor drivers can stay within the Kolla tree and what should be out.
> I have witnessed many discussions on this topic but they only take away I get is “there are ways to do it but it can’t be part of Kolla”.
> Using the existing kolla constructs of template-override, plugin-archive and config-dir, let us say the 3rd party vendor builds a container.
> OpenStack TC does not want these containers to be part of tarballs.openstack.org. Kolla publishes its containers to DockerHub under the Kolla project.
> If these 3rd party vendor drivers publish to Dockerhub they will have to publish under a different project. So, an OpenStack installation that needs these drivers will have to pull images from 2 or more Dokerhub projects?!
> Or do you prefer if the OpenStack operator build their own images using the out-of-tree Dockerfile for that vendor?
> Again, should the config changes to support these drivers be part of the kolla-ansible repo or should they be out-of-tree?
> It is hard to have this type of discussion on IRC so I started this email thread.
> Thanks,
> Sandhya
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>      Hi Sandhya, after reading the spec most of my thoughts echo Eduardo's. I'm wondering if there's some misunderstanding on how the current plugin functionality works? Feels free to ping me on irc I'd be happy to discuss further - maybe there's still some element of what's there that's not working for your use case.
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