[openstack-dev] Ironic Status Updates

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Thu May 10 19:17:41 UTC 2018

Excerpts from Julia Kreger's message of 2018-05-10 09:01:42 -0400:
> On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 4:34 PM, Doug Hellmann <doug at doughellmann.com> wrote:
> > As a consumer of team updates from outside of the team, I do find
> > them valuable.
> Ditto, if I have time to read them.
> > I think having a regular email update like that is a good communication
> > pattern we've started to establish with several teams, and I'm going
> > to ask the TC to help find ways to make those updates more visible
> > for folks who want to stay informed but can't spend the time it
> > takes to read all of the messages on the mailing list (blogs, RSS,
> > twitter, etc.).
> >
> > So, I hope the Ironic team can find a volunteer (or several to share
> > the work?) to step in and continue with summaries in some form.
> >
> I suspect finding a replacement is going to be a little hard for anything that
> is more than a ten to fifteen minute commitment per week. Perhaps if there was
> some sort of unified way that might make things easier and we could then
> all coalesce in terms of update format, amount of pertinent information
> versus noise.
> I'm totally on-board for something easy, I'm also just not sure email has
> the same impact as it once did. Anyway, things to discuss in the hallway track
> at the summit. :)

Changing the primary outlet for status updates to some other medium
increases the friction for writing them a slight bit, but it makes
following up with questions or more detail significantly harder,
since the person doing the follow up may not have access to post
on the blog or other outlet.  So, I have been trying to get people
to standardize on the mailing list as the main form of communication,
and then use other forms for highlighting important threads for
folks who can't read the whole list (even I don't really do that
any more).

I have some ideas about how to highlight threads outside of the
mailing list using a blog and twitter that need more time to bake
before I have something ready to experiment with. Maybe we can talk
about it in Vancouver, if this is an area that interests you?


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