[openstack-dev] [sdk] issues with using OpenStack SDK Python client

gerard.damm at wipro.com gerard.damm at wipro.com
Wed May 9 20:49:05 UTC 2018

Many thanks !

Adding a gateway to a router: it looks like it works in the router creation method, but not in the router update method.
(i.e., passing a external_gateway_info dictionary in conn.network.create_router() worked,
but doing the same with conn.network.add_gateway_to_router() did not work)

the (verbose) code snippet is:

external_network = conn.network.find_network(EXTERNAL_NETWORK_NAME)

onap_gateway_external_subnets = []
for ext_subn_id in external_network.subnet_ids:

network_dict_body = {
        'network_id': external_network.id,
        'enable_snat': True,
        'external_fixed_ips': onap_gateway_external_subnets}

onap_router = conn.network.create_router(
    name = ONAP_ROUTER_NAME,
    description = ONAP_ROUTER_DESC,
    external_gateway_info = network_dict_body,
    is_admin_state_up = True)

I got the idea of trying at creation time, from the create_router API (external_gateway_info entry) at
(thanks for the tip!)

So there might be a difference between how network.create_router() handles this external_gateway_info,
versus how network.add_gateway_to_router() handles it.

About identity_api_version in clouds.yaml:
yep, that works !

About the "!=None" comparison problem: OK, thanks for the fixing effort in progress !

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