[openstack-dev] [swift][ironic][ceph][radosgw] radosgw "support" in python-swiftclient droped for ocata and above

Matthew Thode prometheanfire at gentoo.org
Wed May 9 15:22:44 UTC 2018

python-swiftclient prior to 3.2.0 seemed to incidentally support radosgw
tempurls.  That is, there was no official support, but it still worked.

In 3.2.0 (specifically the linked commit(s)) tempurls were validated to
require /v1/account/container/object, which does not work with radosgw
as it expects /v1/container/object.  This means that radosgw tempurls
fail to work, which further means that radosgw will stop working for
things like ironic.

I can see the point that swiftclient should not care about ceph not
fully implementing the swift spec and not supporting the radosgw url
syntax, but it seems like a step back.  If this is not fixed then things
like ironic will not work with radosgw for Ocata and above (as that's
when this change was made).  We'd need to wait for either ceph to fix
this and support the account part of the url (probably just dropping it)
or have people fork python-swiftclient to 'fix' it.

I'm not sure what the right answer is...



Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)
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