[openstack-dev] [Openstack-operators][heat][all] Heat now migrated to StoryBoard!!

Rico Lin rico.lin.guanyu at gmail.com
Sat May 5 04:02:42 UTC 2018

Dear all Heat members and friends

As you might award, OpenStack projects are scheduled to migrating ([5])
from Launchpad to StoryBoard [1].
For whom who like to know where to file a bug/blueprint, here are some
heads up for you.

*What's StoryBoard?*
StoryBoard is a cross-project task-tracker, contains numbers of
``project``, each project contains numbers of ``story`` which you can think
it as an issue or blueprint. Within each story, contains one or multiple
``task`` (task separate stories into the tasks to resolve/implement). To
learn more about StoryBoard or how to make a good story, you can reference

*How to file a bug?*
This is actually simple, use your current ubuntu-one id to access to
storyboard. Then find the corresponding project in [2] and create a story
to it with a description of your issue. We should try to create tasks which
to reference with patches in Gerrit.

*How to work on a spec (blueprint)?*
File a story like you used to file a Blueprint. Create tasks for your plan.
Also you might want to create a task for adding spec( in heat-spec repo) if
your blueprint needs documents to explain.
I still leave current blueprint page open, so if you like to create a story
from BP, you can still get information. Right now we will start work as
task-driven workflow, so BPs should act no big difference with a bug in
StoryBoard (which is a story with many tasks).

*Where should I put my story?*
We migrate all heat sub-projects to StoryBoard to try to keep the impact to
whatever you're doing as small as possible. However, if you plan to create
a new story, *please create it under heat project [4]* and tag it with what
it might affect with (like python-heatclint, heat-dashboard, heat-agents).
We do hope to let users focus their stories in one place so all stories
will get better attention and project maintainers don't need to go around
separate places to find it.

*How to connect from Gerrit to StoryBoard?*
We usually use following key to reference Launchpad
Closes-Bug: #######
Partial-Bug: #######
Related-Bug: #######

Now in StoryBoard, you can use following key.
Task: ######
Story: ######
you can find more info in [3].

*What I need to do for my exists bug/bps?*
Your bug is automatically migrated to StoryBoard, however, the reference in
your patches ware not, so you need to change your commit message to replace
the old link to launchpad to new links to StoryBoard.

*Do we still need Launchpad after all this migration are done?*
As the plan, we won't need Launchpad for heat anymore once we have done
with migrating. Will forbid new bugs/bps filed in Launchpad. Also, try to
provide new information as many as possible. Hopefully, we can make
everyone happy. For those newly created bugs during/after migration, don't
worry we will disallow further create new bugs/bps and do a second migrate
so we won't missed yours.

[1] https://storyboard.openstack.org/
[2] https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project_group/82
[4] https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project/989
[5] https://docs.openstack.org/infra/storyboard/migration.html

May The Force of OpenStack Be With You,

*Rico Lin*irc: ricolin
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