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gerard.damm at wipro.com gerard.damm at wipro.com
Fri May 4 18:34:36 UTC 2018

Hi everybody,

As a bit of a novice, I'm trying to use OpenStack SDK 0.13 in an OPNFV/ONAP project (Auto).

I'm able to use the compute and network proxies, but have problems with the identity proxy,
so I can't create projects and users.
With network, I can create a network, a router, router interfaces, but can't add a gateway to a router. Also, deleting a router fails.
With compute, I can't create flavors, and not sure if there is a "create_image" method ?

Specific issues are listed below with more details.

Any pointers (configuration, installation, usage, ...) and URLs to examples and documentation would be welcome.
For documentation, I've been looking mostly at:

Thanks in advance,

For all code, import statement and Connection creation is as follows (constants defined before):
import openstack
conn = openstack.connect(cloud=OPENSTACK_CLOUD_NAME, region_name=OPENSTACK_REGION_NAME)

1) problem adding a gateway (external network) to a router:
not sure how to build a dictionary body (couldn't find examples online)

tried this:
network_dict_body = {'network_id': public_network.id}

and this (from looking at a router printout):
network_dict_body = {
    'external_fixed_ips': [{'subnet_id' : public_subnet.id}],
    'network_id': public_network.id

in both cases, tried this command:

getting the error:
Exception: <class 'TypeError'> add_gateway_to_router() takes 2 positional arguments but 3 were given

printing the router gave this:
openstack.network.v2.router.Router(distributed=False, tenant_id=03aa47d3bcfd48199e0470b1c86a7f5b, created_at=2018-05-01T01:16:08Z, external_gateway_info=None, status=ACTIVE, availability_zone_hints=[], ha=False, tags=[], description=Router created for ONAP, admin_state_up=True, revision=1, flavor_id=None, id=b923fba5-5027-47b6-b679-29c331ac1aba, updated_at=2018-05-01T01:16:08Z, routes=[], name=onap_router, availability_zones=[])

2) problem deleting routers:
onap_router = conn.network.find_router(ONAP_ROUTER_NAME)
(same if conn.network.delete_router(onap_router))

getting the error:
Exception: <class 'AttributeError'> 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_body'

printing the router that had been created gave this:
openstack.network.v2.router.Router(description=Router created for ONAP, status=ACTIVE, routes=[], updated_at=2018-05-01T01:16:11Z, ha=False, id=b923fba5-5027-47b6-b679-29c331ac1aba, external_gateway_info=None, admin_state_up=True, availability_zone_hints=[], tenant_id=03aa47d3bcfd48199e0470b1c86a7f5b, name=onap_router, availability_zones=['nova'], tags=[], revision=3, distributed=False, flavor_id=None, created_at=2018-05-01T01:16:08Z)

3) problem reaching the identity service:
(although I can reach compute and network services, and although there are users and projects in the Openstack instance: "admin" and "service" projects, "ceilometer", "nova", etc. (and "admin") users)

        print("\nList Users:")
        for user in conn.identity.users():

getting the error:
List Users:
Exception: <class 'openstack.exceptions.NotFoundException'> NotFoundException: 404

        print("\nList Projects:")
        for project in conn.identity.projects():

also getting an error, but not the same as users:
List Projects:
Exception: <class 'AttributeError'> 'Proxy' object has no attribute 'projects'

if trying to create a project:

        onap_project = conn.identity.find_project(ONAP_TENANT_NAME)
        if onap_project != None:
            print('ONAP project/tenant already exists')
            print('Creating ONAP project/tenant...')
            onap_project = conn.identity.create_project(
                name = ONAP_TENANT_NAME,
                description = ONAP_TENANT_DESC,
                is_enabled = True)

getting the error:
Exception: <class 'AttributeError'> 'Proxy' object has no attribute 'find_project'

4) problem creating flavors:

        tiny_flavor = conn.compute.find_flavor("m1.tiny")
        if tiny_flavor != None:
            print('m1.tiny Flavor already exists')
            print('Creating m1.tiny Flavor...')
            tiny_flavor = conn.compute.create_flavor(
                name = 'm1.tiny',
                vcpus = 1,
                disk = 1,
                ram = 512,
                ephemeral = 0,
                #swap = 0,
                #rxtx_factor = 1.0,
                is_public = True)

(by the way, maybe swap and rxtx are not supposed to be set ?)

getting the error:
Exception: <class 'AttributeError'> 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_body'

5) how to create images ?
there is a compute proxy method: find_image()
but it looks like there is no create_image() ?

say you wanted to add this image: Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
how would you do it ?

openstacksdk version 0.13.0 is installed:

$ pip3 list
Package             Version
------------------- ---------
appdirs             1.4.3
certifi             2018.4.16
chardet             3.0.4
command-not-found   0.3
decorator           4.3.0
deprecation         2.0.2
dogpile.cache       0.6.5
idna                2.6
iso8601             0.1.12
jmespath            0.9.3
jsonpatch           1.23
jsonpointer         2.0
keystoneauth1       3.5.0
language-selector   0.1
munch               2.3.1
netifaces           0.10.6
openstacksdk        0.13.0
os-service-types    1.2.0
packaging           17.1
pbr                 4.0.2
pip                 10.0.1
pycurl              7.43.0
pygobject           3.20.0
pyparsing           2.2.0
python-apt          1.1.0b1
python-debian       0.1.27
python-systemd      231
PyYAML              3.12
requests            2.18.4
requestsexceptions  1.4.0
setuptools          20.7.0
six                 1.10.0
ssh-import-id       5.5
stevedore           1.28.0
ufw                 0.35
unattended-upgrades 0.1
urllib3             1.22
wheel               0.29.0

$ pip3 check
No broken requirements found.

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