[openstack-dev] [nova][placement] Trying to summarize bp/glance-image-traits scheduling alternatives for rebuild

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Thu May 3 20:29:21 UTC 2018

On 5/3/2018 3:26 PM, Dan Smith wrote:
> Well, it's a little itcky in that it makes a random part of conductor a
> bit like the scheduler in its understanding of and iteraction with
> placement. I don't love it, but I think it's what we have to do. Trying
> to do the trait math with what was used before, or conservatively
> rejecting the request and being potentially wrong about that is not
> reasonable, IMHO.

The upside to doing the check in conductor is we have a specific code 
flow for rebuild in conductor and we should be able to just put a 
private method off to the side for this validation scenario. That's 
preferable to baking more rebuild logic into the scheduler. It also 
means we are always going to do this validation regardless of whether or 
not the ImagePropertiesFilter is enabled, but that (1) seems OK and (2) 
no one probably ever disables the ImagePropertiesFilter anyway.




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