[openstack-dev] [Nova] z/VM introducing a new config driveformat

Chen CH Ji jichenjc at cn.ibm.com
Wed May 2 05:55:16 UTC 2018

Thanks for sharing this info , it make sense to leave a -2 here, I will
keep modifying follow on patches and get more reviews. thanks

Best Regards!

Kevin (Chen) Ji 纪 晨

Engineer, zVM Development, CSTL
Notes: Chen CH Ji/China/IBM at IBMCN   Internet: jichenjc at cn.ibm.com
Phone: +86-10-82451493
Address: 3/F Ring Building, ZhongGuanCun Software Park, Haidian District,
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From:	Dan Smith <dms at danplanet.com>
To:	"Chen CH Ji" <jichenjc at cn.ibm.com>
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Date:	04/30/2018 10:55 PM
Subject:	Re: [openstack-dev] [Nova] z/VM introducing a new config

> According to requirements and comments, now we opened the CI runs with
> run_validation = True And according to [1] below, for example, [2]
> need the ssh validation passed the test
> And there are a couple of comments need some enhancement on the logs
> of CI such as format and legacy incorrect links of logs etc the newest
> logs sample can be found [3] (take n-cpu as example and those logs are
> with _white.html)
> Also, the blueprint [4] requested by previous discussion post here
> again for reference
> please let us know whether the procedure -2 can be removed in order to
> proceed . thanks for your help

The CI log format issues look fixed to me and validation is turned on
for the stuff supported, which is what was keeping it out of the

I still plan to leave the -2 on there until the next few patches have
agreement, just so we don't land an empty shell driver before we are
sure we're going to land spawn/destroy, etc. That's pretty normal
procedure and I'll be around to remove it when appropriate.


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