[openstack-dev] networking-vpp 18.04 for VPP 18.04 is now available

Naveen Joy (najoy) najoy at cisco.com
Tue May 1 22:41:02 UTC 2018

Hello Everyone,

In conjunction with the release of VPP 18.04, we'd like to invite you all to try out networking-vpp 18.04 for VPP 18.04.
VPP is a fast userspace forwarder based on the DPDK toolkit, and uses vector packet processing algorithms to minimize the CPU time spent on each packet and maximize throughput.
networking-vpp is a ML2 mechanism driver that controls VPP on your control and compute hosts to provide fast L2 forwarding under Neutron.

This version has a few additional enhancements and several bug fixes, along with supporting the VPP 18.04 APIs:
- L3 HA is fully supported for VLAN, VXLAN-GPE and Flat Network Types
- IPv6 VM addressing supported for VXLAN-GPE
- Deadlock prevention in eventlet

Along with this, there have been the usual upkeep as Neutron versions change, bug fixes, code and test improvements.

The README [1] explains how you can try out VPP and networking-vpp using devstack: the devstack plugin will deploy the mechanism driver and VPP itself and should give you a working system with a minimum of hassle.
It will use the etcd version deployed by newer versions of devstack.

We will be continuing our development between now and VPP's 18.07 release.
There are several features we're planning to work on (you'll find a list in our RFE bugs at [2]), and we welcome anyone who would like to come help us.

Everyone is welcome to join our biweekly IRC meetings, held every other Monday, 0800 PST = 1600 GMT.
Naveen & Ian


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