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李杰 lijie at unitedstack.com
Thu Mar 29 12:43:11 UTC 2018


      This is the spec [0] about rebuild the volumed backed server.The question raised in the spec is about how to bandle the root volume.Finally,in Nova team,we think that the cleanest / best solution to this is to add a volume action API to cinder for re-imaging the volume.Once that is available in a new cinder v3 microversion, nova can use it. The reason I think this should be done in Cinder with re-imaging the volume there is (1) it's cleaner from the nova side and (2) then Cinder is in control of how that re-image should happen, along with any details it needs to update, e.g. the volume's "volume_image_metadata" information would need to be updated.We really aren't suitable to do the volume create/delete/swap orchestration thing since that entails issues with the volume type being gone, going over quota, what to do about deleting the old volume, etc.
      So Nova team want Cinder to achieve the re-image api.But, I see a spec about volume revert by snapshot[1].It is so good for rebuild operation.In short,I have two ideas,one is change the volume revert by snapshot spec to re-image spec,not only it can let the volume revert by snapshot,but also can re-image the volume which the image's size is greater than 0;another idea is add a only re-image spec,it only can re-image the volume which the image's size is greater than 0.
      What do you think of the two ideas?Any suggestion is welcome.Thank you!
      Note:the instance snapshot for image backed server's image size is greater than 0,but the volume backed server 's image size is equal 0.

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