[openstack-dev] [Vitrage] New proposal for analysis.

MinWookKim delightwook at ssu.ac.kr
Tue Mar 27 11:45:55 UTC 2018

Hello Vitrage team.


I am currently working on the Vitrage-Dashboard proposal for the 'Add action
list panel for entity click action'.



I would like to make a new proposal based on the action list panel mentioned


The new proposal is to provide multidimensional analysis capabilities in
several entities that make up the infrastructure in the entity graph.


Vitrage's entity-graph allows us to efficiently monitor alarms from various
monitoring tools.


In the current state, when there is a problem with the VM and Host, or when
we want to check the status, we need to access the console individually for
each VM and Host.


This situation causes unnecessary behavior when the number of VMs and hosts


My new suggestion is that if we have a large number of vm and host, we do
not need to directly connect to each VM, host console to enter the system


Instead, we can send a system command to VM and hosts in the cloud through
this proposal. It is only checking results.


I have written some use-cases for an efficient explanation of the function.


>From an implementation perspective, the goals of the proposal are:


1.       To execute commands without installing any Agent / Client that can
cause load on VM, Host.

2. I want to provide a simple UI so that users or administrators can get the
desired information to multiple VMs and hosts.

3. I want to be able to grasp the results at a glance.

4. I want to implement a component that can support many additional
scenarios in plug-in format.


I would be happy if you could comment on the proposal or ask questions.




Best Regards,


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