[openstack-dev] [sdk] git repo rename and storyboard migration

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Thu Mar 22 12:29:55 UTC 2018

On 03/22/2018 02:51 AM, Jens Harbott wrote:
> 2018-03-21 21:44 GMT+01:00 Monty Taylor <mordred at inaugust.com>:
>> Hey everybody!
>> This upcoming Friday we're scheduled to complete the transition from
>> python-openstacksdk to openstacksdk. This was started a while back (Tue Jun
>> 16 12:05:38 2015 to be exact) by changing the name of what gets published to
>> PyPI. Renaming the repo is to get those two back inline (and remove a hack
>> in devstack to deal with them not being the same)
>> Since this is a repo rename, it means that local git remotes will need to be
>> updated. This can be done either via changing urls in .git/config - or by
>> just re-cloning.
>> Once that's done, we'll be in a position to migrate to storyboard. shade is
>> already over there, which means we're currently split between storyboard and
>> launchpad for the openstacksdk team repos.
>> diablo_rojo has done a test migration and we're good to go there - so I'm
>> thinking either Friday post-repo rename - or sometime early next week. Any
>> thoughts or opinions?
>> This will migrate bugs from launchpad for python-openstacksdk and
>> os-client-config.
> IMO this list is still much too long [0] and I expect it will make
> dealing with the long backlog even more tedious if the bugs are moved.

storyboard is certainly not perfect, but there are also great features 
it does have to help deal with backlog. We can set up a board, like we 
did for zuulv3:


Jim also wrote 'boartty' which is like gertty but for doing storyboard 

Which is to say - it's got issues, but it's also got a bunch of 
positives too.

> Also there are lots of issues that intersect between sdk and
> python-openstackclient, so moving both at the same time would also
> sound reasonable.

I could see waiting until we move python-openstackclient. However, we've 
got the issue already with shade bugs being in storyboard already and 
sdk bugs being in launchpad. With shade moving to having its 
implementation be in openstacksdk, over this cycle I expect the number 
of bugs people report against shade wind up actually being against 
openstacksdk to increase quite a bit.

Maybe we should see if the python-openstackclient team wants to migrate too?

What do people think?


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