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vidyadhar reddy vidyadharreddy68 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 09:30:55 UTC 2018


i have a general question regarding the working of vpnaas,

can we setup multiple vpn connections on a single router? my scenario is
lets say we have two networks net 1 and net2 in two different sites
respectively, each network has two subnets, two sites have one router in
each, with three interfaces one for the public network and remaining two
for the two subnets, can we setup a two vpnaas connections on the routers
in each site to enable communication between the two subnets in each site.

i have tried this setup, it didn't work for me. just wanted to know if it
is a design constraint or not, i am not sure if this issue is under
development, is there any development going on or is it already been

Vidyadhar reddy peddireddy
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